The Team

The Inner Sea is being developed by a super small international team with plenty of industry experience from small mobile games to the big AAA ones. A little about us bellow.

Ivo Duarte, Programmer

After having worked for 7 years as a programmer in multiple studios, across different countries, finally decided to go indie. The last gig he was on was at Ubisoft Massive working on Tom Clancy’s The Division, before that he was involved in several titles including Jambo! Safari, Kung Fu Panda 2: Be the master and Sacred Citadel.

Antoine Dekerle, Artist

Started working as a CG artist in 2004 taking part in the production of TV series like Skyland and Mikido and some bigger productions like the movie Nine, produced by Tim Burton, and the movie The Prodigies. After that he made his way into the game industry where he was part of titles such as Ice Age 3, Dead Space Extraction, Disney Universe and Bullet Run, to name a few.

Maria João Abreu, UI Designer

After graduating in communication design in 2011, Maria João has worked in several areas across different companies. She’s currently working full-time as a UI designer, lending her talents, as time permits, to the development of The Inner Sea’s UI, branding & other graphical design needs.

John Murray, Programmer

John has worked in some form in the games industry since 1999 when he started as a QA tester for Empire Interactive with the objective to become a coder. Since then having worked his way up from a junior coder to senior/technical coder roles across various platforms (PC, 5-6th Gen consoles and modern mobiles and tablets) and various companies, John now currently works independently on various projects from games to applications.

Carlos Oliveira, Community Manager

Fascinated by advertising since he was a little boy he graduated from Marketing in 2010. Since then he has been working and improving his skills on Digital Marketing and Branding. Currently he’s lending his skills to boost the brand awareness of The Inner Sea in the social media.