The Qin

Legend has it that the Qin people were the first to come to these mysterious islands, led by a sorcerer named Xu Fu.

Xu Fu, served as the court sorcerer of the imperial Qin Dynasty of China. His ruler, Emperor Qin Shi Huang, nearing his old age and fearing death, sent him to the eastern seas to look for the elixir of eternal life.

After sailing for years and failing to retrieve the object of his quest, he was brought to the presence of the emperor and asked for the reason of his failure, Xu Fu retold the tales of his epic voyage, braving unknown seas and uncharted lands he reached a place where a mighty sea creature barred his path, and unable to defeat it, returned home.

The Emperor was not to be denied, and ordered Xu Fu back with an army of several thousand archers, civilians and craftsman. When Xu Fu set sail again, he did so with a mighty armada at his back, but this time he never returned.