The Caliphate

As the armies of Hulagu Khan, grandson of the great Genghis Khan, swept his homeland and ravaged the Caliphate, Nasir al-Din al-Tusi decided to rescue hundreds of thousands of manuscripts from the House of Wisdom, the Bayt al-Hikma, before the Mongols laid siege to Baghdad, thus preserving the Caliphate’s culture & knowledge.

A significant portion of this collection went to Maragheh in the Ilkhanate, while the remaining texts, along with hundreds of scholars & their guardians, were to be carried down the Tigris on board of dozens of specially built ships, on to the holy city of Meca.

According to the only surviving ship to reach Meca, upon entering the Arabian sea, the fleet had been surprised by a monstrous storm that lasted several days, the ship had lost all bearing and orientation and when the winds finally died down, it found itself off the coast of al-Hind. The rest of the fleet was presumed lost.